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Zyndrome is actively looking for new dealers and distributors. All dealers must have a legitimate retail location, and will be
required to submit copies of business license and resale permit. Being successful retailer in the surf industry requires
you to carry all the latest styles and all the surf brands to satisfy your customer’s needs.

We are currently accepting applications from business dedicated to the surf industry who are interested in becoming a
Zyndrome Authorized Dealer. Just complete the form below and we will get back to you immediately to discuss dealership
opportunities.  If you have an immediate need and customer waiting for product, please state in additional info section
and call 407-721-9923. If not applicable write N/A.
Free Ground Shipping on orders over $59.
To inquire about
becoming a Zyndrome
Authorized Dealer,
email Omar Carmona
or call 407-721-9923
Your name:
Years in Business:
Your email address:
Web URL:
Your phone number:
No.: of Employees:
Business name:
Business Address
Description of the Store:
Additional Info:
Authorized Dealers are protected. We don't put two Dealers in the same small area, so you don't have to cut margins to
compete with someone down the road. We offer short period contract commitments and no obligation to sell a specific
amount every month. You buy what you can sell.  Zyndrome is committed to the success of each of our authorized dealers.

Become an Authorized Dealer and you'll see we offer a complete array of marketing and support materials to our dealers.
We can provide you with the advertising in local marketing, posters, stickers and the right to use our Registered
Trademark pictures, logos, etc. These can be sent to you directly from our head office, or can be taken from our website.

Hundreds of potential customers visit our site daily. As we facilitate the consumer's search for a retailer, we increase your
potential for a sale. Therefore, shortening the distance between dealers and consumers Zyndrome supports it's retailers
in the traditional forms such as advertising and press release distribution as well as in the form of point-of-purchase
displays. By joining our team and becoming an Authorized Dealer you will exclusively be the first to know about consumer
incentives, special deals and new product press releases. In addition to receiving exclusive benefits, you also gain
exposure. Getting on our Authorized Dealer list provides consumers in your area access to your business via our website,
referring potential customers to your location if they are in your area.

Contact us for more details and to schedule an appointment.
Download the application
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