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1. All participants must be at least 18 years old. All others can still participate and submit their pictures; however, a Parental or Legal Guarding Consent Form
must filled out completely, signed and forwarded to Zyndrome Surf Company 10 days before the finalist are selected.

2. All participants must attach to their submission a signed Photo Release Form or the Consent Form if you are a minor. If the participant submits more that
one picture, each of the pictures must be accompanied by it respective Photo Release Form.  A submission without the form will not be taken into

3. Each participant cannot submit more that three (3) pictures. All other submissions will not be taken into consideration for the contest and the photo-
attached e-mails will be deleted. Read the
Zyndrome Unsolicited Submissions Policy.

4. Pictures can be taken in the place of the participant choosing; nevertheless, the participant must be in a bikini. The participant must be wearing a bathing

5. The pictures must be authentic, original and they must not have been awarded or named finalist in previous contests. This rule is ground for
disqualification. Nonetheless, if the picture lost or was not part of a finalist list, then it can be submitted.

6. The participant must be the copyrights holder for each of the pictures he or she submits.

7.  The last day for submissions will be Friday, November 30, 2010 at 11:59 pm. Finalist selection period is from December 1 to December 8, 2010. During
this time 10 pictures will be selected by Zyndrome's staff to be part of the finalist round. Only the finalists will be contacted by e-mail.  From December 10 to
December 21 at 11:59 pm, the public will be able to visit zyndrome.com/contest and vote for their favorite. In the case a winner is selected, the result will be
made public on January 1st, 2011.

8.  If Zyndrome’s staff cannot select a group of finalist because they believe that the submissions does not meet Zyndrome’s requirement of originality, the
deadline for submission will be extended for no more that two (2) months or sixty (60) calendar days. In the event that they come to the same conclusion,
the contest will be declared annul. If this is the situation, all participant, finalists and no finalists will be notifies by email.

9. In the event that by the time the finalist voting closes there is a tied, the public will have another week to break the tide.

10. By participating in the contest the participant consent and gives privileges and authority to Zyndrome Surf Company to use her picture for advertisement,
marketing or promotional purpose. Nevertheless, the photo will always be accredited to the participant at all times.

11. The winner will receive a certified check for the amount of $500 US dollars.

12. There will be no charge or fees to participate in this contest or for the winner to collect his or her award.

13. This contest is void and therefore canceled and annulled wherever it is prohibited by law.
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