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Like everyone, ZYNDROME also has a history. Everything started with a chosen lifestyle, waves and a board. In 1994, Omar Carmona-
Sanchez, at the age of 14, started bodyboarding and surfing the beaches of Central Florida. Years passed and in 2001, Omar created a
site called latinbodyboarder.com to post pictures of his friends and him bodyboarding. He had an idea to create a surf style; a brand to
recollect the values of risk takers. During his college years this dream grew in his head.

In 2005, Omar started Law School at the wonderful island of Puerto Rico and surfing bodyboarding stalled. The thought of studying in a
place surrounded with great surfable beaches is the dream of any surfer. However, with all the readings, assignments and cases, it
was almost impossible to go to the beach. One day, during Property Law class, Omar started day dreaming. He left the classroom and
found himself at the beach. The location was unknown but the surf was to die for. All of the sudden, the professor called out his name
and Omar had to improvise. He then realized he had a problem. The diagnostic was clear. He had the surfer/bodyboarder disease; the
extreme sport “syndrome”.  Medication: get back to his lifestyle and back to the waves.

On March 2006, during his Family Law class and bored out of his mind, he wrote down something in his notebook. ZYNDROME was first
written down. People that do extreme sport are a different breed; a distinguishable kind of human that has the ZYNDROME of craziness,
non-thinking, freedom to pick their own path and living life to the foulest. Our attitude and culture is more than a movement, more than
lifestyle, is our ZYNDROME. With a check of $1600 he got from selling his destroyed car to a Junker and $1400 from his savings he
embanked, with the help of his brother Javier Carmona-Sanchez and some friends, in a mission of creating a line of clothing and
accessories with a combination of old school and today’s must popular style.

ZYNDROME main headquarters was established in Omar’s law school apartment in Ponce, Puerto Rico and in the bedroom at his house in
Orlando, Florida. Within one year in the business, the brand slowly but rapidly began to be known. ZYNDROME made its first
appearances in the market by creating his own website and sponsoring riders in local surf competitions.

Our feelings make who we are and our actions are driven, no in secrecy, but by our heart and hardheaded. Extreme sport is what we
do; is the main element of our existence. It is our ZYNDROME. Since the beginning of time, extreme actions have changed our world.
Today the same adrenaline runs through our veins. Our company recognizes this. We work hard to bring a brand that represent and
stimulates our way of life, our spirit. It is a combination of what we have used and today’s popular style. Customers will find their
personal touch in each ZYNDROME item they wear or use.
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