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Omar Carmona founded Zyndrome in 2006 and has served as Chief Executive Officer since the company incorporation in 2008. Mr.
Carmona is also the founder of Latinbodyboarder.com and has served as president of the site since its creation in 2001. He started
bodyboarding in 1994 on the beaches of Puerto Rico. Born in an island surrounded by great waves, Mr. Carmona has been exposed to
the surf spirit and the way of life that only a true surfer can have. Mr. Carmona has earned a B.A. in legal studies and Spanish, a Master
in Spanish and a Juris Doctor Degree.  He is a license attorney in the Island of Puerto Rico.

Javier Carmona has served as our Chief Marketing Officer since 2007. He has also served as our Event Coordinator since 2006. Mr.
Carmona started his surfing career as a photographer in 1999.  He jumped into the water with a disposal camera, took some pictures and
then to tried to do what he had photographed.  Surfing has been in Mr. Carmona’s life since he was a little boy. Growing up in Puerto
Rico, he was surrounded by an entire family of surfers; from uncles to cousins and his brother. Mr. Carmona has earned an Associate
Degree and is currently finishing up is B.A.  

Zoraida Velasco has served as Chief Financial Officer since 2008. Ms. Velasco has worked in many administrative positions in various
non-profit organizations through her college year and professional career. She is the founder of Future Minority Leaders, a non profit,
and has served as president of the board of director since 2007. Ms. Velasco has earned a B.A. and B.S. in Business Administration.
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